Schools and Education

These programs are designed for in class purposes. The programs are designed to work with your class lessons. We discuss topics such as

- Animals that are nocturnal, diurnal, and crepuscular

- Which animals are carnivores, omnivores, and herbavores

- The differences between snakes and lizards, how do you tell what's what.

- Warm-blooded vs. cold-blooded

- All about snakes, different species, how they move, different ways they hunt, how they fit all those organs in that body, how they swallow prey whole and more.

These are just a few ideas, we can use the animals we have to focus on any area you are teaching. 

Our shows are full of fun and knowledge. The programs can be altered to suit  any age group. We encourage a lot of hands on during our shows. For some of our animals we can bring veggies and/or bugs for the kids to watch them eat.

We strive to make sure all the information we provide is accurate.

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